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Cómo no podría ser de otra forma, en BBBBombas! vas a tener que aprender a trabajar con estos juguetes explosivos. Un sencillo pero adictivo juego creado por el Ilustrador Tony Colley.

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“…this game is hilarious… You should play… It’s fun. * * * * ” – Cult of Mac

The hilarious chain reaction game… with extra ACTION!

The smart bombs have escaped and they’re taking over Kablooey Labs! It’s your job as the most expendib– er, BRAVEST employee to take out the bombs and take back the company!


– 60 levels of bomb busting fun across four ridiculous settings: the safety lab, the spoooooky haunted lab, the mysterious Lab X and the computery-themed bonus lab, Lab 2.0.

– One touch gameplay! You could play ten games at once! (Requires nine additional devices; not included.)

– Cartoony graphics! Hilarious jokes! Completely made-up science!

– Lots of games have zombies. Some games have vampires. But do any of THOSE games have ZOMBIE VAMPIRES?! Didn’t think so.

– Stink bombs! Space sludge! Wormholes! (They’re like portals, only copyright-safe.)

– No in-app purchases! A bunch of Game Center achievements! …and MORE!


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