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Frontier Heroes – A Planet H game from HISTORY


Un divertido viaje por el tiempo al nuevo continente

A través de 20 mini-juegos podrás aprender mucho sobre la cultura americana, ya sea entrenando las habilidades de un guerrero indio, luchando contra un oso, avisando a todos que “los ingleses ya están aquí” o dedicándose a buscar oro en plena fiebre.

El juego que está realmente bien ilustrado está pensado para niños de entre 7 y 11 años aunque eso no quiere decir que los mayores no nos podamos viciar un buen rato a estos mini-juegos 😉

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America wasn’t built in a day! Explore five exciting eras of American history through dozens of mini-games and experience what it was like to expand the boundaries of the American frontier.

Frontier Heroes is part of Planet H — a new brand from HISTORY, created for kids to explore historical topics and eras through play.

Frontier Heroes tests your smarts, skills, and reflexes as you work your way through an illustrated version of American history, from pre-Colonial days through the California Gold Rush. Complete era-specific challenges to unlock more exciting adventures, and collect “Did You Knows” to learn mind-blowing facts about the ol’ US of A.

Experience what it was like to be alive during Early American times, the Colonial Period, the American Revolution, life on the Frontier and during The Gold Rush. You’ll get a rush from completing each level and seeing how the challenges and rewards resulted in the amazing country America is today.

Special Game Features Include:
-Play through five Eras of American History with dozens of mini-games.
-Collect D.Y.K. facts across this and all other Planet H games.
-Master multiple levels of difficulty in each era’s challenges.
-Touchscreen optimized gameplay means you’ll be poking, dragging, and shaking for hours!
-20+ addicting challenges unique to their historical era.
-Throw tea into Boston Harbor, throw Native American tomahawks, pan for gold, help Benjamin Franklin discover electricity, and more!
-Highly stylized animation brings the past to life.


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