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Grey Cubes


El primo en 3D del Arkanoid para iPad

Grey Cubes adopta una mecánica de juego antigua pero que sigue siendo efectiva. Este juego recupera en parte el espíritu del gran Arkanoid pero con una estética futurista 3D y el uso de las físicas. Un juego para iPad sencillo pero divertido que cuenta con 60 niveles.

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Grey Cubes is a modern variation on the brick-breaker-type game, based on real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay (not just 3d look).

Minimalist in style, with clean graphics and deep, original soundtrack.

The game contains 60 levels, each one is unique, each one with new challenges.

– addicting mechanics based on classic idea mixed with real-time physics and three-dimensional gameplay,
– 60 highly diversified levels,
– a traditional system of power-ups incorporated into modern gameplay mechanics,
– multi-layered levels.

“Grey Cubes is the perfect first stop for those new to the block-breaking genre and will revive old passions for longterm players.”
– TrustedReviews – 9/10

“New life breathed into an old concept: loads of new ideas, simple gameplay, and a “just-one-more-go” addictiveness.”
– TapSmart – 4/5


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