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Salta de planeta a planeta en este divertido plataformas para iPad

Zip es un juego de plataformas para iPad y iPhone ambientando en el espacio exterior. Tu objetivo será completar los diferentes niveles para conseguir las piezas necesarias para reparar tu nave. La principal mecánica del juego será desplazarte con este pequeño astronauta en 3D alrededor de planetas y asteroides de una forma similar a cómo se hacía en Super Mario Galaxy, saltando de un planeta a otro.

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When daring space cadet Zip and his trusty spaceship Alice get hit by a stray asteroid in a remote area of the galaxy, their adventures take an unfortunate turn. Help Zip run, fly, and dodge his way through dangerous sectors in a quest to power his spaceship and return home. But beware, not everything in this asteroid-laden region is what it seems…

Explore 32 hand-crafted levels filled with grumbling aliens, menacing robots, steaming planets, booming explosions, and much more! With special boss encounters and an unfolding storyline to follow, there’s plenty of excitement in store.

There’s no up and down in space! Walk around planets with 360 degree freedom, then jump to another one as you advance towards your next checkpoint. With randomized gameplay, you have to keep a constant eye out on incoming dangers — or you’ll be sent flying into outer space. Unless you luck out, and end up landing on another planet…

With a cool “low-poly” retro look, and a pumping soundtrack to match, the adventure will be a treat to your eyes and ears. Parallax backgrounds, lighting effects, and smooth animations bring the world to life.

Take full control of Zip with ease. Just press-and-hold anywhere on the screen to move in that direction, then tap with two fingers or swipe up to launch your trusty rocket pack (you can also use the optional on-screen button controls). Zoom out to see what dangers lie ahead, master the effects of gravity, and learn how to deflect off planets.

With Game Center achievements, you’ll have something extra to work towards. Collect scattered metal pieces to perfect levels and climb the leaderboards. Can you beat your friends’ scores?

Created from pure love by three independent software developers, this game is guaranteed to contain no excess fat, additives, or smurfberries.

Recommended iPhone models: iPhone 4 • iPhone 4S • iPhone 5
Recommended iPad models: All generations, including iPad mini
Recommended iPod touch models: iPod touch 4th Gen • iPod touch 5th Gen
iOS 4.3 or later required.

Universal application: works on all devices • Retina graphics • Game Center supported


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