Olivia Rodrigo celebrates Driver’s License turning one with home video

Olivia Rodrigo celebrated her fame launching song Driver’s License on its first anniversary, with a video taken just days after writing it. The 18-year-old superstar wished a happy birthday ‘to the little song that changed my whole life,’ with unseen footage of her singing her debut single at home — before she became a household […]

Here’s how much your credit card information is being sold for

Having your passwords, credit card, or even full-blown identity stolen can cause immeasurable harm and trauma to victims. Yet personal information sells for mere dollars on the dark web. A new analysis shows the price of a hacked Google account is just $60, while a hacked HBO Max account is a meager $2. The average […]

Motor Insurance for Commercial Vehicle Explained

Planning to purchase a vehicle for commercial use? Do yo have a robust commercial vehicle insurance in place? A commercial vehicle plan covers the financial liability towards the driver and the victims in case of an accident. This is applicable to vans, cars, trucks, motorbikes, and any other vehicle you use for commercial purpose. Regardless […]

Uber driver damages a neighbour’s car but it may take months to repair

An Uber Eats delivery driver who forgot to engage his brakes allegedly fled the scene after his car rolled down a hill and side-swiped another car.  Alex Wilson left his Wyndham Vale home in Melbourne’s west on Monday morning to take his two-year-old daughter to daycare and found that the entire right side of his Toyota Yaris […]

Centrelink mum’s cunning Afterpay scam falls apart

A mother faces jail time after she was caught stealing the identities of 58 Aussies in a cunning buy-now, pay-later scam – and then using their money to live a lavish life. Carly Davidson, 36, from Sydney’s south, has admitted to a raft of fraud offences after embarking on a massive shopping spree between June […]

Red Bull’s Christian Horner remains ‘motivated’ to lead F1 team

Red Bull principal Christian Horner said he remains committed to the Formula 1 team for the foreseeable future. Horner, 48, has led the team since it entered F1 in 2005. Red Bull has won four Constructors Championships during that time and Max Verstappen has an excellent chance to win consecutive driver’s championships — which would […]

Man bashes his Uber driver’s car with hammer he bought during the trip

Shocking footage shows the moment a man exits his Uber driver’s car before turning around and smashing in his windows with a hammer that he bought during the trip. In footage posted to social media, the barefoot passenger is seen in Lawla Street at Blackburn North in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs beating the car with the […]

Answers about State Laws

Motor vehicle laws differ from state to state. Some states do not have a law informing drivers as to how far in advance their turn signals need to be activated. Read more State Laws +1 What are the knife laws of Louisiana for fixed blade knives? Asked by Wiki User The information provided here is […]

Answers about Auto Insurance

For a definitive answer to your question, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider directly or refer to your insurance policy documentation. They will Read more Vitamins and Supplements +4 Is there a supplement that is close to steroids? Asked by Wiki User If you want to take supplements taht are close to steroids […]